When should I report a review?

SuperMoney users have a wide range of voices, opinions, and experiences, but we will remove a review if we believe it violates our Content Guidelines. Help us out by reporting questionable reviews, but keep in mind that reporting it doesn't guarantee it will be removed.

There are three main reasons why we might remove a review

The reviewer has an apparent conflict of interest
  • They appear to be a competitor or former employee
  • They appear to be affiliated with the business
  • They're receiving payment or other incentives for the review
  • They're promoting the business or a competitor
The review doesn't focus on the reviewer's own consumer experience
  • It's about someone else's consumer experience
  • It's a response to a current event in the news
  • It's primarily disputing another user’s review
  • It's about a different business
  • It appears to be plagiarized from another source
The review includes inappropriate material
  • It contains hate speech, lewd commentary, or threatening language
  • It contains private information about employees or patrons
You should report questionable reviews, and always provide any specific evidence you have. However, keep in mind that mere suspicion usually isn't enough for removal, and that although you may find something offensive, we allow for a wide range of perspectives and our moderators may determine that it is not in violation of our Content Guidelines