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Does SuperMoney ever call or email unprompted to tell me I'm approved for a loan?

Did you receive a call or an email from someone saying they're from SuperMoney, telling you that you've been approved for a loan? This is NOT a legitimate offer but a scammer posing as SuperMoney.

SuperMoney does NOT call or email unprompted to consumers telling them they are approved for a loan.
We do not operate a call center either. We've received many recent reports of scammers leveraging the goodwill of our brand to fraudulently pose as SuperMoney in order to scam victims. These scams usually involve a payment via target gift card.
Victims have indicated that the accents of the scammers suggest they are based in India or Pakistan.
Victims have also indicated that when they receive an email with such "approval", there is a PDF attached to the email with a loan approval code.
Please DO NOT share any information with them. 
The FTC has published this article explaining the scam:
SuperMoney has also published an article to help potential victims:
You can report scams at the following websites:
NOTE: Please clarify that we did NOT try to scam you if mentioning our brand If you're looking for a loan and haven't already, you can use SuperMoney's loan offer engine to get competing loan offers securely from leading vetted lenders: https://www.supermoney.com/quotes/personal-loans